Japanese Style Vegetables On Sushi Rice. Ha Ha Tonka On The Stereo.


Someone posted that on Twitter. I don’t know why, but I think it is so funny.

What can I say? It doesn’t take much to make me laugh.

Enough of all that. And on to all of this.

If you like sushi and/or a light vegetarian meal, you will love this. You get all of the delicious sushi flavors without the fish and without the extra work of making the rolls.

Note: the quantities are for 2 servings. You may want to make more.

Japanese Style Vegetables On Sushi Rice

Ingredients for sushi rice:

1 cup/175g/6 oz uncooked, short-grained sushi rice
250 ml/8oz cold water
3 Tbs rice vinegar
4 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt

Ingredients for vegetables:

1 carrot, cut into matchsticks
125g/4oz/1/4 pound green beans, cut into 2 inch lengths
125g/4/oz/1/4 pound snow peas (mangetout)
8 green onions, sliced
2 Tbs tamari or other soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 sheet of toasted nori
2 tsp toasted sesame seeds for garnish


1. Wash the rice thoroughly, in a sieve under cold water until the water runs clear. Let the rice drain for 30 to 60 minutes so that the grains absorb moisture and start to swell.

2. Put the rice and water into a saucepan. Bring the mixture to the boil over a medium heat. Boil 10 minutes, stir, then boil for a further 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and leave for 15 minutes. Stir in vinegar, sugar and salt.

3. Next, cook the vegetables. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add carrot and beans. Cover and cook 4 minutes. Add snow peas and green onion and cook for 2 minutes longer. Drain and mix with the soy sauce and sugar.

4. Divide rice between plates. Spoon vegetables on top, then snip squares of nori over. Scatter with the sesame seeds.

Serves 2

Recipe from Vegetarian Express Cookbook

Ha Ha Tonka are a band out of Missouri. Ozark inspired folk/alt country. Really good.

The mandolin on this song is fantastic, swirling around that perfect drum beat.

“If you don’t change where you’re going
you’re going to end up right where you’re headed”
Ha Ha Tonka-Made Example Of

Check out Ha Ha Tonka on their Website where you can buy the music. The band is currently touring the USA. Upcoming shows are listed on the website, too.


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