Cantaloupe Melon With Paté In Tasting Spoons

So, I had my Porch Party yesterday. Few things in life are as sweet as being surrounded by friends while laughing, eating and drinking. A new porch doesn’t hurt.

I have a ton of party recipes to share, but thought I would start with one that is not a cupcake nor chocolate. Those are coming in abundance.

I was in Pier 1 Imports recently and fell in love with the Tasting Party Collection. The spoons, especially, caught my eyes. I bought a bunch and then searched the net for ideas to fill the spoons with. This four ingredient idea sounded interesting. It was.

Cantaloupe Melon With Paté In Tasting Spoons




1. Put a small slice of cantaloupe and paté on a tasting spoon. Garnish with a blueberry and basil.

Spoon would work right about now.

These are my two favorite Spoon songs.
Spoon-You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Spoon-The Underdog

Fork over some cash and buy some Spoon on their website.


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  1. Megan says:

    Absolutley Amazing!!
    The chololate caramel mini cupcakes were also amazing, but these get the A++.
    Bravo, Tricia!

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