17 Pygmies. Chameleon.

Shortly after I published my 17 Pygmies Flourless Chocolate Cake post, a friend sent me a message reminding me that we knew an amazing song by them back in our college days. That song is Chameleon and yes, you can see it listed right there in the photo of an old mixtape of mine.

See that? I did know about 17 Pygmies. I may have to check out the back catalog as closely as I have the recent Celestina stuff.

Enjoy this. Pretty amazing still, all these years later.


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4 Responses to 17 Pygmies. Chameleon.

  1. James! says:

    It’s a weirdly intimate thing to see someone else’s mix tape. Never thought about that before.

  2. Megster says:

    “Chameleon” can be heard on iTunes or CDBaby – originally released on the Captured In Ice release in 1985, and re-released on the Trakwerx label in 2010.

  3. noyrproduct says:

    Chameleon first appeared on Radio Tokyo Tapes – Volume Two in ’84. The Sound track places this mixtape in ’85. The Word isn’t ringing any bells…

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