Piñata Cake. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Cake and candy hidden under a chocolate dome. How fun is that? Grab a hammer and take a swing.

Piñata Cake


1 baked 8 inch cake
Icing of your choice to frost the cake
1000g chocolate to melt for the shell


Large chocolate coins
Rainbow chips
Candy Melt wafers


1. Cut a deep hollow in center of cake approximately 11 cm in diameter.

2. Spread icing all over cake. Fill hollow with coins and other candy.

3. To make the chocolate shell: grease a 22 cup bowl (metal is optimal) with 1/2 tsp oil. Place bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes. Melt chocolate and swirl to coat the inside of the chilled bowl. (You may not need all of the chocolate.) Continue to swirl until chocolate begins to set and is a uniform thickness. Freeze until chocolate sets completely.

4. Carefully place bowl with set chocolate over the cake; using a hot cloth briefly rub the outside of the bowl. Chocolate shell will slip from bowl and completely cover cake. (This took me a few goes with the hot cloth. I was starting to worry, but then the chocolate shell released.)

5. Using some additional melted chocolate, secure remaining rainbow chips, M&Ms and candy melts to the chocolate shell to decorate.

6. Use hammer to break shell.

There. Now wasn’t that fun? Time now to hammer out a few tunes.
The Breeders-Divine Hammer

Let’s Wrestle-Maxwell’s Silver Hammer


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7 Responses to Piñata Cake. Fun. Fun. Fun.

  1. liz2024 says:

    Candy explosion!!!! literally. I love all those colors!

  2. mjrc says:

    i’d hit that . . . oh, i crack myself up!!

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  5. Tammy says:

    What happens if u can’t get the chocolate bowl out and how thick does it need to be

    • As you can see from the photo in the post, a bit of the chocolate bowl was dented. That was where I used a butter knife to try and ease it out. Once “the seal” was broken, the chocolate slid right out.

      For best success the bowl you use should be very smooth and clean. Refrigerate the chocolate after pouring in the bowl as that helps with the unmolding. Try to get the chocolate as thin as possible, too.

      This post had some useful tips.

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