Everything Bagel Hot Dog. New Music From Benedict Benjamin.

If you subscribe to one or two or twelve food magazines, then you are probably aware of the everything bagel seasoning craze. I finally picked up some of the seasoning and used it for these Everything Bagel Hot Dogs.

If mustard, relish and/or ketchup are your go to toppings for franks you might find whipped cream cheese slathered over one to sound very odd. However, paired with the everything bagel seasoning it works surprisingly well.

Everything Bagel Hot Dog


1 hot dog, cooked
1 hot dog bun, split
Whipped cream cheese, for topping
Everything bagel seasoning, for sprinkling


1. Put the hot dog in the bun, top with whipped cream cheese and sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning.

Makes 1

Recipe from Food Network

“Tell Me If You’re Lonely” is from Benedict Benjamin’s new album Truant. It’s a pretty song that tackles the ugly truth of having to be a responsible adult when you sometimes don’t really want to.

I will have a college graduate this month and a high school graduate in June, so I am especially in love with this Soundcloud photo.

Check out Benedict Benjamin on Facebook and his Website (He does a sleeve face!!). You can buy the music here.


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