Creamsicle Cocktail. Totally Wowed By Youngblood Hawke.

Creamsicle Cocktail


I have most of a bottle of Whipped Cream Vodka left that I bought to make the Whipped Cream Vodka Cocktail in this post. So, I decided it was time to hit my Must Make This Board on Pinterest and get busy making the dreamy looking Creamsicle Cocktail.

This Creamsicle Cocktail is very similar to the Whipped Cream Vodka one that I had made previously. It uses a splash of soda instead of pineapple juice, so has a slightly festive fizz. And it looks so wicked inviting.

Creamsicle Cocktail
Creamsicle Cocktail


Whipped Cream Vodka
Orange juice
Sprite or 7up


1. For each cocktail, add about 1 oz vodka to a martini glass. Fill with orange juice and top up with soda.

Creamsicle CocktailCreamsicle Cocktail

I mentioned on my ISITK Facebook Page that I was going to see the band Keane last night.

I did, and they were out of this world good.

I was a huge Keane fan when they came out with their first album ‘Hopes And Fears’. I have since purchased the following three releases, including last year’s ‘Strangeland’. I still liked the band very much, but I think the disdain for them in the blogosphere wore off on me and I kind of cooled to their music.

Well, last night’s concert changed all that. What a great show and what a remarkably likable band. So humble and appreciative of the crowd. Lead singer Tom Chaplin’s voice is magnificent live, too. Clear and strong and emotional.

An even bigger surprise, other than the fact that Keane blew me away, was the incredibly energetic and addictive opening band, Youngblood Hawke.


I’m kind of picky about music (Ya think?), but I was sold from the first song. I think they played every song on their new EP and every song was catchy as all get out. The band was having a blast, as well.

We Come Running has, evidently, been enjoying national airplay. Just not on any radio station that I listen to. And, to be fair, I don’t listen to a lot of radio.

Flat out fun, this tune.
Youngblood Hawke-We Come Running

Check out Youngblood Hawke on the band’s Website, where you can learn upcoming US tour dates (including tonight in Portland, Maine and NYC the next night) and buy their music.

The only downside of last night’s concert was this morning’s very early, and treacherous, 2 hour drive back home through freezing rain and fog.

While gripping the steering wheel until white knuckled, I had visions of sipping a Creamsicle Cocktail while blasting some YBH. And tonight, that is exactly what I am going to do.


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4 Responses to Creamsicle Cocktail. Totally Wowed By Youngblood Hawke.

  1. James! says:

    We Come Running was briefly on the Countdown! Glad to hear the rest of the EP is just as good! Full-length album this year!

  2. James! says:

    Actually, i just checked and i don’t see anything about a full-length, so that’s not a certainty this year

  3. Rick says:

    Sounds like a tasty drink and fun concert. Funny how you can completely miss a band once you swim away from the mainstream.

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