Short And Sweet. Chocolate Chip Filled Raspberries.

Remember the Cheesecake And Lemon Curd Filled Raspberries? Well, talk about Short and Sweet. This recipe makes that other filled raspberry one seem as complex as making puff pastry.

Chocolate Chip Filled Raspberries


Chocolate Chips (any flavor)


1. Place a chocolate chip inside raspberry. (But, you already knew that!!)

The chocolate chip filled raspberries are terrific over a scoop of ice cream.

You could fill the raspberries with mini marshmallows, too.

Look, I made a friend.

NT's White Trash-Whistle

You want to check out NT’s White Trash. Lo-fi Finnish excellence is what you have here. I am usually hanging in Swedish/Norway Indie land, so this was a fun discovery.

NT’s White Trash’s debut album ‘Mourning Becomes Electric’ was released on Stupido Records (Ha!) last month. You can buy it here.

I have always loved the Lulu recording of To Sir With Love. I even thought the Glee kids did an alright job. Hands down, though, it is The Trash Can Sinatras that do the best version. I love having male vocals here.
The Trash Can Sinatras-To Sir With Love

You can have a look at The Trash Can Sinatra’s website and buy their music here.


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  1. Ann Soutter says:

    Love the eyes in the last photo….

  2. liz2024 says:

    I saw that raspberry idea on Pinterest! And of course you put eyes on it!! (haha YOU WOULD!) I bet they taste amazing.

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  4. bob says:

    i want…

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