Short And Sweet. M&M Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

The kids are in school.

Their Easter Baskets are unattended.

Only one thing to do.

Make some friends to keep me company.

Mmmmm…..Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. Mmmmmm…..Cadbury Egg eating a Peep.

Oooooh. Reese’s Cups are in those baskets, too.

Okay Everyone. Let’s Sing In The Kitchen!!

I know. I need to get out more.

M&M Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


6 ice cream sandwiches
12 oz frozen whipped topping, defrosted
2 cups crushed M&M’s (or Heath Bars. Really any kind of your favorite candy would work. What’s in those Easter Baskets?)
1/3 cup chocolate sauce


1. Line 8×8 square pan with ice cream sandwiches.

2. In medium bowl, combine whipped topping with candy. Spread over sandwiches.

3. Freeze for 30 to 40 minutes, or until firm.

4. At serving time, remove from freezer. Cut and place individual servings on plates; drizzle with chocolate sauce.

C’mon sing along with us.
Annie Hall-Morning News

And sweet.


About I Sing In The Kitchen

Music obsessed cooking freak whipping up fab food one song at at time.
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2 Responses to Short And Sweet. M&M Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh that cake looks like candy ice cream, whipped cream heaven! And also glad you have some googly eyed friends to keep your company.

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