Short And Sweet. Elmo Cupcakes.

I’m feeling extra good today. I’m wearing my fabulous new boots and smiling back at all of these terrifically cheerful Elmos. I found out about the boots over here when a friend wrote about how much she loved hers. This same friend also has an Elmo loving child who has a birthday in March. I decided to try and come up with an easy Elmo cupcake that any busy mother of little ones could whip up in a jiffy.

Most of the Elmo Cupcakes I’ve seen images of have piped frosting to make his scraggly hair. Those come out awfully cute, but I decided to simplify and go the route of the Cookie Monster Cupcakes I made and use sanding sugar instead. Fast, cute and ready to tickle anyone, young or old.

Elmo Cupcakes


Your favorite cupcake recipe
Your favorite vanilla icing
Red sanding sugar
Candy Eyes (1/2″ size) (You can order them here.)
Orange jelly beans
Black decorating icing, such as Betty Crocker’s


1. Bake and ice cupcakes.

2. Dip cupcakes into sanding sugar.

3. Add eyes and a jelly bean nose.

4. Pipe a black mouth on.

There. An army of Elmos smiling at you. Sweet!

Elmo loves to sing. Here’s his favorite short song.

Elmo-Elmo’s Song

Roxy Music-Angel Eyes


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9 Responses to Short And Sweet. Elmo Cupcakes.

  1. Kate says:

    Adorable and easy, my two favorite things : ) Thanks!

  2. liz2024 says:

    Elmo is my favorite! wait… so is grover. I love those!

  3. Greer says:

    Oh thank you Tricia!! I might just be able to handle this :). I will report back.

    I’m so glad you got the boots.

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