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Short And Sweet. Plum Tarts With Honey And Black Pepper.

Q: Why did the bees go on strike? A: Because they wanted more honey and shorter working flowers. Q: How do bees get to school? A: By school buzz Q: What kind of bees give milk? A: Boobees. Dessert hardly … Continue reading

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Beet And Burrata Tart. Cool New Music From Your Underdog.

Beet And Burrata Tart. Wow. When I saw this recipe I was intrigued. Roasted beets, burrata and phyllo. Yum. What you get is a colorful tart with cheese melting all over rosemary scented sweet beets in a flaking, crisp crust. … Continue reading

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Leek, Goat’s Cheese, Walnut And Lemon Tart. Dominic Wolf On The Stereo.

Way to go, Dad. If ever there were ingredients that were meant for each other, it would be tender leeks, creamy goat’s cheese, crunchy walnuts and refreshing lemon. This is an easy and impressive tart that tastes just as good … Continue reading

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Roasted Rhubarb And Ginger Streusel Tart. New Music From Alice Brightsky.

And just like that, 5 minutes and 18 seconds of my life passed right by. Something was going to happen in the video, right? No, not a freakin’ thing. You can thank me for letting you get your fill of … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Gingersnap Crumble Ice Cream Tart With Pineapple Caramel Sauce.

Not a ginger roundabout, but a Blondie one. Spicy gingersnaps, creamy vanilla ice cream and pineapple in caramel share the plate in this super easy dessert. You can simplify things, too, by just serving some fresh fruit alongside the tart. … Continue reading

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Maple Pecan Toffee Tart. Chuckling While Listening To Insomniac Folklore Cover U2.

Q: Why did Bono fall off the stage? A: He was too close to The Edge. Do you have a little bit of time? I could write you a small novel about how much I love this Maple Pecan Toffee … Continue reading

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Chunky Mince Pie Slices. New Music From Axxa/Abraxas.

It’s that time of the year when visions of mincemeat dance in my head. It is one of my favorite pies whether actually containing meat or the more popular faux version. Chunky Mince Pie Slices are the easiest way to … Continue reading

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