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Lobster Dip Supreme. New Song From Paradise Walk.

Oh you decadent shellfish! Thanks for stopping by. Rich lobster in a thick, tangy cream sauce is welcome at my house anytime. You might want to invite it over to yours. Lobster Dip Supreme Ingredients: 8 oz(250 g) cream cheese … Continue reading

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Peruvian Causa In Spoons. New Music From Kanaku Y El Tigre.

Causa is a versatile Peruvian dish that combines potatoes layered with any combination of fillings and garnished with an array of toppings. It’s perfect as a light meal or, served in spoons, a fun and different appetizer. Peruvian Causa In … Continue reading

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Hummus In A Hurry. New Music From Night Dials.

Not only is this recipe for hummus quick, it’s really good as well. The seasoning ratios are just right, although that guy in the video would be pretty pissed about the tahini omission. Serve the hummus along with easy to … Continue reading

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Chicken Quesadilla Stuffed Jalapeños. New Music From Embleton.

Heat up your next gathering with a bunch of these Chicken Quesadilla Stuffed Jalapeños. The peppers give the cheesy, creamy filling a nice kick. There was a bit of variation in spiciness from one jalapeño to the next, which I … Continue reading

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Chilled Soba In Cucumber Cups. Shark Tape On The Stereo.

Looking for a cool and different starter for your next gathering? Try these cucumber cups filled with soba noodles. Just hollow out thick slices of cucumber and fill with chilled noodles that have been tossed with a sesame-soy mixture. The … Continue reading

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Easy Baked Puff Pastry Cheese Twists. New Music From The Wallies.

So, I’m in the elevator on my way to my apartment after a long day at the office. A neighbor, who I hadn’t seen in awhile, was riding with me. I said “Hey, do you want to come over for … Continue reading

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Smoked Salmon And Rocket Tarts. New Music From Axel Flóvent.

I love using the Brit/Aussie term Rocket to describe the peppery green that we refer to as Arugula here in the states. Arugula sounds like someone trying to say Hula-Hoop while drinking a glass of water. Anyhoo, Rocket=Arugula and these … Continue reading

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