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Simple Creamy Alfredo Sauce. Sweet New Music From Johnnie Lee Jordan.

This is the best Alfredo sauce I have ever had. Cream cheese gives the sauce a silky thickness and there is just the right balance of garlic, butter and Parmesan. I could have poured the sauce in a bowl and … Continue reading

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Some Recipe Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day. Got The Speks On The Stereo.

If you are looking for some ideas for Irish themed recipes to serve on St. Patrick’s Day, here are a few from previous ISITK posts. That is some delicious Irish Coffee in the photo above. The recipe is a classic … Continue reading

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Homemade Irish Corned Beef And Vegetables With Horseradish Cream & Guinness Mustard

Corned beef deserves some corny jokes (Or does it? Tough. Here goes.) Q: What has four wheels and flies? A: A garbage truck. Q: Where do you find a one legged dog? A: Where you left it. Q: What did … Continue reading

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Seared Salmon With White Cheddar Mac & Cheese And Tomato-Fennel Beurre Blanc. Flowers On The Stereo.

Q: What did the salmon say when he swam into a wall? A: Dam! When faced with creamy White Cheddar Mac & Cheese And Tomato-Fennel Beurre Blanc, any salmon would say “Damn, that’s good!”. How do I love this meal? … Continue reading

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Classic Bread Sauce. Rich Gravy. Spiced Cranberry Sauce. Lonely Drifter Karen.

Is your turkey feeling lonely? Here are some sauce recipes to go along with a turkey or roast chicken dinner. If you have never tried bread sauce, give it a go. I first had it when my husband made some … Continue reading

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