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Music obsessed cooking freak whipping up fab food one song at at time.

Pear And Maple Syrup Banana Bread. Listening To Fire/Works.

Banana bread gets kicked up a level with the addition of pears, pecans and maple syrup. Although already plenty moist and sweet, a drizzle of maple syrup over the slices is a terrific touch. Pear And Maple Syrup Banana Bread … Continue reading

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Baked Italian Sausage Sandwich. New Music From Misun.

My mother was Italian. It is a wonder I can use a wooden spoon without breaking out into a sweat. As a modern era parent, I use my wooden spoons solely to stir up delicious things on the stove. An … Continue reading

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Cheesy Jalapeño Stuffed Pizza Crust

You’ll want to listen to me today (not that I’m a yellow light or anything like that) when I tell you that these Cheesy Jalapeño Stuffed Pizza Crusts are Da Bomb! So ridiculously delicious. And why wouldn’t they be delicious? … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet. Buttermilk Pie.

Oh My! You should make this pie. Buttermilk doesn’t necessarily get my imagination running wild like, say, caramel would. Pancakes are what pop into my mind. Until this divine pie came into my kitchen. Just a few basic ingredients, 1 … Continue reading

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Frito Pie. The Regal Peaches On The Stereo.

Frito Pie, the popular southwestern dish of chili, corn chips and cheese, is the perfect meal to make a Monday a fun day. Just make a batch of your favorite chili (or try the delicious beef and bean recipe below) … Continue reading

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Salami And Peppadew Pizza. New Music From Quiet As A Mouse.

Q: What do you call a mouse who can pick up a horse? A: Sir! Salami and Peppadew are a flavor combination I have not tried on pizza before, but definitely will again. The sweet/spicy peppers contrast perfectly with the … Continue reading

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PB & J Bars. Time To Shake With New Music From Killwave.

Biting into one of these PB & J bars is like digging into a sweet, crunchy version of the classic sandwich. Really good. Next time I would double the raspberries and jam. My favorite parts of the bars were where … Continue reading

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